We strive to deliver the highest quality of care and service

Dr Max and the team really do care about your comfort. During your visits with Siana Dental, you with the aroma of oil aromatherapy. After your treatment our friendly staff will offer you a warm lavender hand/face towel.

Our Practice is conveniently located on the popular boutique shopping strip of Hampton Street, between Hampton Railway Station and South Road.

Street parking

Hampton Street, Mills Street and surrounding side streets. Time limits do apply.

Customer parking

Rear of Siana Dental, access off Mills Street. All day FREE parking.


Hampton Railway Station – 500m walk on Hampton Street. Approximately 5 to 7 minutes from Siana Dental.

Bus Routes

 708 – Carrum – Hampton via Southland
828 – Hampton – Berwick Station via Southland SC, Dandenong


Siana Dental

 Our aim

  • We aim to help you attain and maintain excellent dental health, keeping your teeth for a lifetime.
  • We will offer you cosmetic dental solutions to give you a radiant and confident smile.
  • We will help you achieve these goals with a range of treatments in a comfortable and modern environment. We will use a combination of personal attention, friendliness, time, clear communication, and latest techniques to achieve this. We will ensure that we are at the forefront of dental technology and bring you the best in-house services we can offer.
  • We are a one-stop practice, where all the disciplines of a modern day practice are available in one convenient location.

Our mission

  • To ensure each patient experiences the ultimate in individual, personalised cosmetic and general dental treatment, in a comfortable, warm and friendly environment.
  • To build caring relationships and trust with our patients which last a lifetime.
  • To maintain and deliver the very highest standards of customer care and service.
  • To have time for continuing professional development for the whole team.
  • To have a wonderful working environment.

Why choose us?

  • We produce only dentistry of exceptional quality and detail.
  • We will offer you a complete range of options for your treatment.
  • We shall put you in charge of decisions for your care through informed choice.
  • We will offer you a range of flexible payment options.
  • We aim to offer every dental service ‘in-house’.
  • We have ‘same day’ emergency appointments.
  • We rarely run late and do our utmost to never do so.
  • We are always immaculately presented.
  • We have impeccable manners and courtesy to our clients.


Patient safety and health

Siana Dental has adopted very stringent infection control techniques. These include:

Instrument sterilisation: All of our instruments are sterilised using pressurised steam sterilisation in autoclaves or chemical sterilisation. Also, all handpieces (drills) are sterilised for each patient.

Barrier techniques: All our dental personnel use disposable masks and gloves that are changed for each patient. In addition, all disposable materials are disposed of in biohazardous containers. Sharps are placed in sharp bins for incineration.

Disinfection wipe-down: 
All surfaces in the surgeries are cleaned and sterilised in-between each patient with an alcohol-based disinfectant.

Waterline disinfection: The waterlines for each surgery are run every day so as to flush contaminants out. Also, our surgeries use self-contained units so that sterile water is used and we treat the waterlines with an antibacterial solution.


Areas we Service:





Siana Dental accepts all major health funds


598 Hampton Street
(entry via South Rd)

Hampton, VIC, 3188

Opening Hours

Monday 9:00am - 5:00pm Tuesday 9:00am - 7:00pm Wednesday* 9:00am - 1:30pm Thursday 8:00am - 5:00pm Friday 7:30am - 2:00pm